Marketing Consulting

We’ll work hand in hand with you to develop a marketing plan that helps deliver measurable results. Like you, we recognize that marketing is all about developing practical strategies that drive positive returns. We don’t like wasting money on marketing anymore than you do. Let’s develop a marketing plan that is based on foundational strategies and best practices.

Social Media Consulting

Social media is all the rage these days, and for good reason: it’s (most likely) where your audience is spending a good chunk of their time. Between mobile devices, laptops and desktops, people spend more time on social media channels than other category of website. We’ll help you develop a social media strategy that is based on foundational marketing best practices.

Social Media Management

The last thing we want to be labelled as are “social media experts,” but if it walks like a duck… Tinderbox offers a practical approach to managing social media that’s based on marketing best practices. We don’t just do social media for social media’s sake. We do it if it’s in the best interest of your business.

Sales Consulting

The goal of marketing is to develop new customers and stay in touch with existing customers. If marketing is done right, you’ll have no shortage of solid sales leads. However, a list of solid sales leads doesn’t automatically equal closed deals. We take real-world sales experience and help you develop a solid sales strategy that puts you and your team in the best position to develop long lasting customers. Our experience has taught us that most business owners are great at the nuts and bolts of their business. That doesn’t always translate to being outstanding salespeople. And that’s ok. We’ll work with you to develop an approach to sales that’s practical and based on developing positive relationships.

Small Business Organization Consulting

The cloud. Email. Websites. Passwords. Project Management. Customer Relationship Management. These are all important cogs in your small business machine. Tinderbox can help you develop the right processes and use the right systems to make sure you don’t waste time on administrative task, so you can spend more time doing business.

Marketing Project Management

Sometimes business owners are too busy to manage all the marketing tactics and strategies we recommend through the development of a marketing plan. That’s ok. We can help. Let Tinderbox manage your marketing tasks and work with your team to create a strong marketing presence.

Business Planning

Often the most overlooked part of building a business is establishing a plan. Let’s work together to make sure you know where your business is going and how you’ll get there. Strategic planning can make or break your business.